Do I want to be An Auditor?

Peace be upon you, readers!

I just feel like I wanna share something to you that make me started thinking of what I’m going to do after completing my BAcc. So yesterday I was interviewing an auditor as it is part of my assignment. To be frank, I feel like aduh lecehnya nak kena cari2 auditor nak pergi interview lagi. Lagi2 kena interview orang yang tak kenal and that was my first time to interview outsiders. Cuak tak cuak tu confirm la cuak. Tapi sebabkan auditor tu sempoi2 and lek2 je, I can say that was more to sharing session. The good part for this assignment is that you will exposed to the real industry and started to relate what you learn theoretically and to practically implement it. So takde la benda yang kau belajar tu terhenti dalam kelas je semata.

First thing first auditor tu terus tanya, korang ni memang nak jadi auditor ke? At that moment I was like, no I don’t. I prefer tax rather than audit. Maybe sebab I enjoy learning tax dari audit kot and tax banyak kira2🤣. That is self preference la kot. Lain orang lain minat dia. Tapi bila dia tanya tu buat aku terfikir lagi sekali apa aku nak pilih.

Disebabkan auditor tu lepasan ACCA, dia pesan lah siap2, tak semestinya kalau kau amik professional paper kau boleh berjaya, and tak semestinya kau tak amik pro paper kau tak boleh berjaya. And aku plan kalau boleh nak ambil professional paper. Just to put yourself out of your comfort zone and that will be a bonus for yourself. So plan tu aku tak tau bila boleh direalisasikan. Sama ada right after habis degree or kerja dulu sambil ambil pro paper. And bila cakap pasal plan ni, I remembered that he adviced us to have our own short term goal and long term goal. All of us have our own long term goal but not many of us have our short term goal. He shared to us that once he took CAT paper, he already aim to be an auditor. Dan dan jugak aku kena start set goal aku untuk future cemana..heheh.

Next, apa yang aku perasan auditor tu memang betul2 suka apa yang dia buat sekarang. For me, if you like what you are doing now, it would not be a problem for you. Tak kisah lah kalau kena kerja sampai malam bersengkang mata. Once you do it full-heartedly, and the good result come out, that will be a satisfaction for yourself. What I saw was he really loves what he is doing right now sebab dia tunjukkan hasil kerja yang dia dah settle dari A-Z. And for me, tak kisah lah buat kerja apa pon, biarlah bersungguh jugak. Sebab kita jugak yang akan nampak hasilnya sendiri. Gittuw!

The most important thing is of course, attitude. Our attitude on doing the right things and how we handle our works and towards other colleagues. Nak kata buat kerja ethically tu adalah good attitude pon one of the things but based on my understanding, attitude is more than just being ethical. Dan attitude ni jugak la yang membezakan kau dengan orang lain. Good attitude will reflect to our works jugak. Ye ke idok. Ha itu aje la.

Sekarang ni aku kena fikir jap aku nak jadi apa🤨


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